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Our Story...

100% Homemade

Our products are completely home made with strict standards of cleanliness .We use fresh masalas which are ground at home.

No Artificial Preservatives or Color

Our products are without any artificial color or chemical preservatives. We preserve them by the age old technique of using oil, sugar, salt and lemon juice.

Indigenous Ingredients

We use locally grown vegetables. As we live in the Tarai region of the Kumaon Himalayas, we are blessed to get the best organic produce. We use fresh masalas which are ground at home . Every ingredient is handpicked and cleaned. Ingredients like Rai is washed and dried and then ground.

I have never had such amazing aachars in my life...i mean it tastes really really good.

Sujata Banik, Guwahati

Hi ,This is to give you the feedback on Khatta Meetha Baingan Achaar. It is just outta the world i couldnt stop licking my fingers, simply the best range of achaars that i have ever tasted. Every different one that i choose each time is so different and yummy, my friends also loved the ones i gifted them. Thanks to aunty<3 <3

Neharita Jasuja, Hisar

Hi I received Pyaaz achaar. i was amazed with the effort that you guys literally put into packing. i knew we were going to love the pickle when i opened the jar. it tasted literally heaven like <3. I am totally in love with this. Thank you so much i am going to order more soon.

Kanika Vij, New Delhi